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The most reliable Hybrid cars and SUVs to buy in Kenya

Due to the increase in fuel prices, most Kenyans are now opting for hybrid cars since they have proven to be very fuel efficient. Below is a list of some of the most reliable Hybrid cars and SUVs that you can buy in Kenya.

1. Toyota Aqua.

Toyota Aqua is one of the best hybrid cars that is manufactured by Toyota. This car is commonly known as the Toyota Prius C. This supermini hatchback is a third model of the Prius family and combines all the features of a Toyota Yaris in a hybrid powertrain. This car boasts of 1.5L engine with a fuel consumption of 34km/l.

2. Mistsubishi outlander PHEV.

This vehicle is very different from most hybrid cars that you will find in Kenya. This is because this is a plug in hybrid vehicle. This vehicle stands between the conventional hybrid car and an electric vehicle. What this means is that you can actually drive this vehicle without any fuel on your tank. According to the manufacturer, this vehicle can give you at least 50 kilometres when driving on the battery alone. Apart from fuel efficiency, this seven seater SUV also comes with a lot of cargo space and enough room for all its occupants.

3. Honda fit hybrid.

The third generation of the Honda fit is considered to be the most fuel efficient car that you can buy in Kenya. This is because this car comes with a fuel efficiency of 36 km/l. Apart from this, the honda fit hybrid is also very stylish and comfortable.

4. Toyota fielder/Axio hybrid.

The only difference between the Toyota Axio and the fielder is that the axio is a saloon while the latter is a station wagon otherwise these two cars are very similar. The Toyota Fielder hybrid has a fuel efficiency of 33km/l. This vehicle is also spacious and very reliable.

5. Toyota RAV4 hybrid.

The hybrid version of the Toyota RAV4 is not that common in Kenya. This vehicle comes with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired up with two electric motors. This vehicle is very comfortable and very reliable.

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