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Facts You Didn't Know About The Land Cruiser Prado

According to the survey I did on how familiar people are with the land cruiser Prado(what people normally call the v8)a small percentage know few specifications about the vehicle. I prepared some notes to familiarise people with what a land cruiser Prado entails from the basic to the complex details. The first thing that differentiates a Landcruiser v8 from Prado is the front grille


Landcruiser v8

The following facts are going to blow your mind.

1. Prado is not a v8

This sounds very crazy because people all along have been referring to the Toyota land cruiser, Prado, as the v8 in real sense it ain't. It's actually the lite version of the Toyota land cruiser, It comes in either v6 or 4 inline engine its power is not really comparable with the Landcruiser v8 though all give more power v8 is more powerful.

2. Tire positioning

It's a common identity to find the extra tire suspended at the back of the Prado, there's also Prados with the extra tire at the bottom of the vehicle like most vehicles. why? A question most will try to figure out. A Prado comes with an 87-liter fuel tank so for the need of extra tank capacity, a tire is suspended at the back to provide an auxiliary fuel tank of 63 liters making it to 150liters.

3. Prado trims

Trims are actually the sub-models of vehicles, Prado being a model it has various sub-models they include: TX, TXL, TZG, GX, GXL, VX, TZ, Kakadu, and Altitude.TX being the one with basic features, TX means one which can endure longer distances without engine failure and is a four-wheel-drive TX is a diesel engine while TXL is a turbo diesel it uses diesel but it comes with a turbo, other versions of TX uses petrol. Going deep into each trim is very wide will still prepare another one for trims. Kindly follow for more

4. fuel consumption

The fuel engine capacity varies depending on the model years, you might find one referring to 2.7L on a TX and some 3.0L on the same TX, the difference is only the model years.

TXL and TX 2.7L-8.5l per 100km

TZG 2.8L- 9L per 100km

GX, GXL, VX, VXL, Altitude, and Kakadu 3.0L-10.0L per 100km

TZ 4.0L- 11L per 100km

5. cost

The cost of Landcruiser Prados varies depending on various factors; region, seller, model years, trims, and many other factors. One can't really identify the cost of each vehicle specifically but I will give a sample of TX and TXL, on model years of 2018-2021 TX ranges from Ksh 4.9 -7.5M and TXL ranges from Ksh 6 -8.5M

Thanks for spending your time going through this article to continue having more articles from my Blog follow me and you will get more vehicles facts.

Content created and supplied by: Giddy099 (via Opera News )

Landcruiser Prado Prados


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