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Most Fuel-Efficient Cars And Suvs To Buy In Kenya

Honda Vezel No. 1

The Honda Vezel is a hybrid SUV that was just released in Kenya. A Honda Vezel has a fuel tank capacity of 40L and a fuel consumption rate of 21 km/l, despite the fact that it comes in a variety of variations.

Honda Fit Hybrid 2nd

This car is modest in size but extremely fuel efficient. It has a fuel consumption rate of 36 km/l, making it Kenya's most fuel-efficient car. The Honda Fit hybrid is a five-door vehicle with a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine that produces 100kW (134bhp) and 134 Nm of torque.

3. Fielder hybrid Toyota

The Toyota Axio wagon is the Toyota Fielder. The Toyota Fielder and Toyota Axio hybrid have a 33.8 km/l fuel consumption rate. The Toyota Fielder hybrid is a five-door estate/station wagon with front-wheel drive. It has a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with a double overhead camshaft and four cylinders that produces 73 bhp (54 kW) at 4800 rpm and 111 Nm (82 lbft/11.3 kgm) at 3600-4400 rpm.

Toyota Prius, no. 4

The Prius is often regarded as the most popular hybrid vehicle on the market.

The Toyota Prius has a petrol engine with a displacement of 1798cc. It gets 26.27 kmpl on average and has a 135mm ground clearance. The Prius has a length of 4540mm, a width of 1760mm, and a wheelbase of 2700mm. It is a 5-seater 4 cylinder car with a length of 4540mm, a width of 1760mm, and a wheelbase of 2700mm.

Honda Insight is number five.

The Honda Insight is a hybrid vehicle with a fuel efficiency ranging from 22 to 34 kilometers per liter, depending on weather and driving patterns. This vehicle is a five-door sedan with a maximum output of 111 horsepower.

Nissan Leaf, no. 6

Most of you are probably wondering why I listed an electric vehicle as being fuel efficient even if it does not utilize fuel. The Nissan Leaf is on the list mostly because it is the cheapest electric car available in Kenya. Aside from being inexpensive, this car is popular, thus spare parts are readily accessible. The Nissan Leaf has a 40KWh battery with an estimated range of 160 to 335 kilometers depending on weather conditions.

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