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Bugatti Bolide Hyper Car Will Soon Be a Reality

Hey, remember the Bolide? You know, the ridiculous, 1,824-horsepower hyper car Bugatti revealed last year? The original Bolide was nothing more than a one-off experiment, but apparently it generated enough buzz that Bugatti decided to build a few more. That's right,the Bolide is entering production.In this article I'm going to give you details about the Bolide and also some photos.

The Bolide is all about packing immense power in a lightweight package. At the car's core is Bugatti's 8.0-liter quad-turbo W 16 engine, producing 1,577 horsepower. 

Considering that the engine will star in a car that's estimated to weigh just under 3,200 pounds, the Bolide is going to be an absolute speed demon. Bugatti said the Bolide is being developed in accordance with international FIA safety standards. 

The safety features include HANS system compatibility, an automatic fire extinguishing system, pressure refueling with a fuel bladder, central wheel locking and a six-point safety belt system,at least that's what the company said.

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