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The World's Fastest Car(Photo)

Speed thrills and fast moving cars is nearly liked by every driver, despite the high speeds posing to be a major challenge and risk.

High speeds cause an adrenaline rush in most people making them get thrilled at the moment.

The World's Fastest Car

To achive too speed in cars, automakers usually strive to add more power, smarter aerodynamics and the need to embrace electric motors.

The fastest car in the world is the Jet powered thrustSSC. The SSC tuatara claims the bragging rights as the fastest car in the world. The car is able to achieve speeds of up to 508km/hr.

This is such a breathtaking speed, check out below to see the photos of the SSC Tuatara, the current fastest car in the world.

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Jet SSC Tuatara World 's Fastest Car(


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