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Why The Second Generation Subaru Forester SG Known To Be Youth Car In Kenya

The Subaru Forester is a five-seat sport utility vehicle that was produced by a joint effort between Fuji Industries Limited and Japanese automobiles. In 2002, the second generation Subaru Forester, which served as the model's replacement for the SF variant, went into production. The second generation was given the nickname "SG" due to its elegant and alluring design. There are two major trims for the Subaru Forester SG: the Subaru SG5 with a five-speed automatic or manual transmission, turbo or non-turbo, and the Subaru SG9 -STI with a 2.5-liter turbo engine that offers rapid acceleration and high-speed stability.

Due to its appealing look and simplicity of customization to suit the needs of the user, the Subaru Forester SG model is well-liked among Kenyan youth.

The vehicle is offered with either a turbocharged or normally aspirated engine and a manual or automatic transmission. The turbo Forester has a little bit more power and quicker acceleration than the naturally aspirated Forester.

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