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Love Camping? Lifestyle Is Never More Glamorous Than With The Mini SE Roof Camper.

Imagine you just wedded or you would love to express a deep affection that words won't to someone or maybe you just would like to have a time out with friends and you are looking for a place to retreat and the bills are really alarming, there are no suitable places to do your excursions. Then I hope this may be the gladdest news to be broken to you, the roof camper.

The Mini Cooper SE is a BMW recreational edition which comes with accessories of a roof tent and baggage. The vehicle's prime design is to suite camping and excursions rather than long travels and speed demands. If you are thinking of retreating at a maximum of let's say 160Km then this Mini would really be a won lottery.

The vehicle itself is a plug in hybrid which means it allows recharge in case of a split up of the power. It is rated at a gross 32.5kWh which means it's battery may not be the best in EVs but believe me it delivers. The vehicle is not designed for performance and therefore buyers should solely buy with the motivation of doing a retreat.

If you are in a quest for performance at the same time then you can consider alternatives. That however does not mean that the Cooper does not deliver in terms of performance parameters. As we have seen already, it is a plug in hybrid and has considerable speeds for the task mandated.

The roof tent is made to accommodate two people and it has windows which are net meshed against mosquitoes just in case night comes and you have to sleep peacefully. The vehicle provides a beautiful view but only depending on whether you have toured a beautiful site huh!. Other accessories are an aluminum ladder to aid climbing to the top.

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