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Top 5 Most Famous And Expensive Car Logos In The World 2021

Below are the top 5 most famous and expensive car logos in the world.

1. Ferrari Logo

The first Ferrari was created in the early 1950s. Manufactured by Enzo, Ferrari has committedly produced one of the best luxury racing cars in the world. With improved engineering, Ferrari has revolutionized the luxury car industry. It was later when Enzo Ferrari met a heroic airman’s(Francesco Baracca) parents and was convinced by the mother to include the prancing horse to his cars to bring good luck. The logo was later advanced by adding canary yellow to the background but maintains the original black prancing horse.

2. Lamborghini Logo

The Lamborghini logo is famous for his bull scene that goes on the black shield together with the golden title “Lamborghini“. The bull shows off the Lamborghini sports car power.

3. Porsche Logo

The horse on the Porsche logo, which was taken from Stuttgart’s Coat of Arms, represents the stud farm (a term for a horse-breeding farm, so “stud farm” in German is Stuttgart or Stuotgarten) on which the city was built. In addition, The antlers and the black/red stripes on the logo were influenced by the Free People's State of Württemberg seal, as the state colors are black and red.

4. Toyota Logo

This logo has three ovals that have been combined in a horizontally symmetrical configuration. There are two perpendicular ovals that go inside the bigger one. Basically, they represent the heart of the customer and the hearing of the company. And when they intersect, they create a mutually beneficial relationship and trust between each other. The overlapping of the two perpendicular ovals inside the outer oval symbolize “T” and also a steering wheel. Different strokes are being used for the contour. The space that we see in the background of the logo shows that Toyota focuses a lot on quality, joy and innovation. The Toyota logo is a really good looking one.

5. Aston Martin Logo

The current version of the Aston Martin logo contains a green rectangle on top of the white wings, sporting the company’s name in uppercase characters. The Aston Martin logo comprises of three colors; black, green and white. All these colors signify qualities such as elegance, prestige, uniqueness, originality, excellence and environmental production of the company.

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