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The Best Urban Cruiser Hatchback

Toyota IST is manufactured by Japanese Automaker Toyota.The IST-suffix means unique or hold on to.The car is exported to the United States as scion XA and scion XD,to the middle East and Latin America as Toyota Urban Cruiser.The production started in May 2000 upto March 2016.Due to it's marvelous exterior and eye catching interior IST is famous all over the world including Kenya.

The Toyota IST is a 5 door hatchback with that comes in two models front-engine,front-wheel-drive and front-engine,four-wheel-drive.The body dimensions are notch above those of a Toyota Vitz, giving more space to the cabin and the trunk.

Engine Effect

The smaller displacement are employed for fuel economy.The engine range comes in 1.3L,1.5L and 1.8L having a fine balance between size and weight to support .

The suspension provides maneuvering ease with slip controlled in appropriate way .It comes in both manual and automatic 4 speed transmission.


Toyota IST has the alloy wheels to support the tires with image boosting mechanism in hand.It has roofrail for laggage carriage ease and tough look enhancement .

The headlight and tailight illuminate road with LED effect in multiple trims so whether it is night or fogy drive the experience is never low grade.


The interior is cozy with temperature control system that is centralized in many cases though the latest models have individual temperature regulator in each seat .

The power window and power steering make small input produce greater and smooth output.The famous models in Japanese used car market buyers mostly buy Toyota IST 2016,2015,2014 and 2013.

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Best Latin America Toyota IST Toyota Urban Cruiser.The Urban Cruiser Hatchback


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