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The Amazing Pictures Of Water Powered Cars (PHOTOS)

Maintaining fuel powered cars is relatively expensive to most people around the world more especially during this time of increase in fuel prices. However there is an innovation that is fast coming up about water powered cars. To begin with, it is important to note that water cannot burn to produce energy to run motor of a car. Therefore since water is a fully oxidised hydrogen, to generate electricity from it, one requires 'water burning hybrid' which hydrolyze water into gaseous mixture of hydrogen and oxygen through a process known as Oxyhydrogen.

The two gases are produced in the rato 2:1 hydrogen to oxygen. Thereafter the produced hydrogen is used to run the car motor which drives wheels hence the car moves.

A practical example is a Japanese based company known as Genepax which have tried the idea and have found it to be working. This innovation is environmental friendly since it will reduce global warming and more importantly it reduces cost. Below are amazing pictures of Japanese water powered cars.


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Amazing Pictures Of Water Powered Cars Genepax Japanese PHOTOS The


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