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The best Honda cars that you can buy in Kenya.

Honda is one of the best car manufacturers in the world. However if you compare it to Nissan and Toyota, Honda does not seem to have a lot of funs in Kenya w even though their cars are very reliable and of high quality. Below are some of the best Honda cars that you can buy in Kenya.

1. Honda Freed.

This is a seven seater mini MVP that has been in production since 2008. Even though this vehicle has been in the Kenyan market for a very long time, seeing them is very rare as this car has gone unnoticed. You can get a used Honda freed for a minimum of 450,000 kenyan shillings.

2. Honda Vezel.

This is the newest crossover-SUV into the kenyan market. This vehicle has a fuel efficiency of 20km/l even though honda claims that the actual fuel efficiency is 27km/l. Even though getting a used Vezel in Kenya is not very easy, you can get a brand new one for just 2.3 million Kenyan shillings. This is much more cheaper compared to most crossovers in Kenya that are very fuel efficient.

3. Honda Fit.

This is the most popular Honda car in Kenya. This is because this car is small and fuel efficient. This car competes with the Toyota Vitz and seems to have a lot of lovers. The production of this hatchback began in 2001 and this car has a high resale value.

4. Honda fit shuttle.

From the name, one might think that there is no difference between this car and the Honda fit. However, this is a station wagon and not a hatchback. This car has a stylish design and is very fuel efficient.

5. Honda stepwagon.

If you are tired of driving a Toyota Noah, Voxy or Nissan Serena, then this is the best choice for you. This is because this 8 seater is very cheap compared to its competitors and more luxurious and comfortable.

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