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Cars With The Worst Resale Values In Kenya

The majority of consumers frequently link a car's dependability to its resale value. This is due to the widespread perception that vehicles with high resale values are very dependable. But how people view an automobile is what ultimately determines its resale value. Because there will likely be a strong demand for the vehicle if it appeals to many drivers, its resale value will likely be high.

Here are some vehicles in Kenya with the lowest resale values.

1. Honda Odyssey.

A minivan called the Honda Odyssey has been manufactured since 1994. Its fifth generation, which has been in production since 2018, is now in use. It boasts a front-wheel-drive, front-engine design, a roomy, pleasant interior, and seating for eight people.

2. Nissan Fuga.

Nissan is disliked by the majority of Kenyans because to reliability difficulties. The Nissan Fuga, also known as the Infinity Q70, is a high-end vehicle that has been manufactured since 2004. Its poor demand in Kenya despite its appealing appearance results in a low resale value. The main reason for this is that it has a high fuel consumption rate of less than 10 km/L.

3. Nissan Murano.

Since May 2003, the Nissan Murano, a mid-sized SUV, has been manufactured. With two 2.5L and 3.5L engine options, it comes in three generations. Despite being fashionable and dependable, the majority of Kenyans dislike it because of the high maintenance costs caused by its intricate design.

4. Toyota Mark X.

In Kenya, the Toyota Mark X is a sleek vehicle that is highly well-liked. It is distinctive because of its low ground clearance and cozy interior.

Most Kenyans don't seem to be interested in buying locally used Toyota Mark Xs, despite the fact that they are quite dependable. This is because the majority of people think that because of its potent V6 engine, it requires expensive maintenance and uses a lot of fuel.

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