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Opinion: Three Of The Ugliest Looking Cars In Kenya

Well, it's true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, in the car business, sometimes car designers set out to achieve a particular design that they feel will appeal to a specific market, but along the way, they seem to lose their sanity and take things too far, as a result, what comes out is often a hideous looking car that nobody wants to associate themselves with. Here are some of the 5 Ugliest cars in Kenya.

Suzuki Alto 800, this may come as a surprise to many, as this is Indias' best selling car, this car is legendary when it comes to fuel economy, on the exterior though, is where things start falling apart, the tires have a striking resemblance to those of a scooter bike while the exterior design is quite unconventional.

Mobius, this car looks like something from the world war 1 era, from the design concept, it looks very appealing but what comes out of the production line, is totally different and not appealing to the eye, the interior doesn't justify it either, it looks like a combination of cheap parts. Other African countries with the same economic ability as Kenya are actually making better-looking vehicles.

Nissan Cube, I totally understand how the car is practical, relatively fuel-efficient, and might be comfortable inside but I cannot get over how ugly the cube actually is, it is just so weird and ugly, I wouldn't want to drive one unless I won it in a lottery.

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Indias' Kenya Suzuki Alto Ugliest


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