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Things you should Never Do when driving an automatic transmission car

Most people love to drive automatic transmission cars compared to manual transmission cars. This is because cars with an automatic transmission are easy to handle amd drive as all ypu need to do is to regulate the speed. Below is a list of things you should not do when you are driving an automatic car.

1. Shifting gears when the car is in motion.

If you are a fun of movies, you have probably seen some stunts where a driver engages from drive to reverse without stepping on the brakes and you might have been tempted to do it. Doing this damages your gear box as it causes wear on tge moving parts of your gear box. In case you want to shift your gear, it is important to make sure that your car comes to a stop first.

2) Coasting down a hill in neutral.

Most people love doing this because they believe it will save them some fuel. In some cars, the steering wheel locks immediately you engage it in neutral. This therefore means that you may not be able to control your vehicle when going downhill. Cars With automatic transmission ate designed to save some fuel when going downhill and therefore you should not worry about that.

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