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Common Toyota Harrier Problems and Solutions

The Toyota Harrier is a beautiful car that has captured the hearts of many people around the world.

In Kenya, this car is a common sight on the roads. This car is a dream car for many Toyota fans. If you own a Toyota Harrier or are planning to buy one, you must be interested in knowing some of the problems associated with this car. In this article, we present a list of problems associated with the Toyota Harrier, their causes , their possible solutions and ways to avoid them. Without further ado, here is the list of problems:

Problem 1: Gearbox/ Transmission Problems.

A car's transmission is one of the most important parts. Knowing whether your car's transmission is faulty is extremely important. You will be able to detect problems early and this may save you a lot of cash in the long run since replacing or repairing a transmission is an expensive affair.

Symptoms of transmission problems.

1.Difficulty in engaging "Drive" mode.

2.Delay in gear shifts, that is, delays during upshifts and delays during downshifts.

3.Loss of power.

4.Jerky gear shifts.

5.Difficulty in shifting gears when the engine is cold.


1.Low ATF levels.

2.Dirty ATF.

3.Leaking ATF.

4.Wrong ATF viscosity.

5.Shift solenoid problems.

6.Worn out CVT belt.

7.Sensor problems.

8.Worn out gearbox assembly.


1.Replace the gearbox.

2.Service the gearbox.

3.Replace faulty solenoids.

4.Use ATF with the correct viscosity.

5.Replace CVT belt.

6.Replace sensors.


1.Ensure that the car undergoes timely service and maintenance.

2.Use the correct transmission fluid as per the manufacturers recommendations.

Problem 2: Air Suspension Problems.

Symptoms of a faulty air suspension.

1.Car loses height when parked.

2.Hard and bouncy ride.

3.The car leans either to the right or to the left.

4.The car leans to the front or to the back.

5.The height control features do not work as expected.


1.Faulty height sensors.

2.Worn out suspension struts.

3.Air leak in the system.

4.Faulty pneumatic pump.


1.Replace the faulty struts.

2.Repair the air leaks.

3.Replace the faulty height sensors.

4.Replace the pneumatic pump.


Avoid driving aggressively while on bumpy roads. You can also avoid using bumpy roads if there are alternative roads.

Problem 3: Toyota Harrier engine problems

Symptoms of Engine Problems.

1.Engine warning light.

2.Loss of power.

3.Engine wont start.

4.Uneven idling.

5.Shaking and stalling.



1.Poor maintenance.

2.Dirty fuel.

3.Faulty spark plugs.

4.Worn out engine and gearbox mountings.

5.Worn out cylinder head gaskets.

6.Faulty coils and fuel injectors.


1.Service the car.

2.Replace coils and injectors.

3.Replace cylinder head gaskets.

4.Replace engine and gearbox mountings.


Timely service and maintenance will save you from having to deal with costly engine repair issues.

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