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Not Expensive Diesel Tractors Again, See The New And Cheap Solar Tractors That Are Cost Saving.

The price of fuel,petrol and Diesel have continued to increase over time due to fluctuations in the price in the world market. Moreover,Diesel and petrol when used in machineries have been known to cause pollution. They produce loud noise and emmits dangerous gases to the atmosphere. Oil spillage on these machines also causes soil pollution.

Tractors for a long time have been using diesel to power their engines. However,a new method of tractor construction eliminates the use of diesel and employs the use of green energy sources.

The new tractors uses solar power and wind to power them. Solectract Electric tractor is a zero emission tractor,low noise and has no hydraulic leaks.

The tractor ,e70N has a horsepower of 70hp,60kWH and is capable of running for 8 hours on a single charge. The narrow 4WD tractor cost only $75,000 dollars.

The tractor is very efficient and can be used in variety of farming activities including, harrowing,tilling among many others.

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Cheap Solar Tractors Diesel New Solectract


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