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Estimated Price And Specifications Of A High Level Vehicle That Ferried DP William Ruto To Kiambaa

The Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has been camping in different places across the country to woe Kenyan's to support his 2022 Presidential bid. Today the Sunday of 24th, the DP was a new guest in Kiambaa, Kiambu County where he engaged the residents while at the same time drumming up the support of his 'Bottom up economic model'.

The DP arrived on board a Lexus LX 70 model vehicle while in accompaniment of over 25 member's of Parliament.

Here are the specification and the estimated price of Lexus LX 70 vehicle used by DP;

The vehicles are made in Lexes by Toyota Motors and their model is LX 570 Two Row 4WD 2020. This means that these vehicles are new into the market i.e. they were introduced on 2020 and are assembled in Japan.

These vehicles comes in different colors i.e. metallic, silver, white pearl, nebula, orange, black etc. For the case used by the DP is black. These vehicles also comes with Sports Utility (SUV) body type.

Their tyres are tubeless and their type of transmission is automatic. Also, they have 4 wheel drives.

These vehicles use Gasoline as fuel for movement. They have V-8 5.7L engine type and they contain 8 cylinder's.

They come with a length of 200 in, Width of 78 in, height of 75.2 in and a wheel base of 112.2 in.

Lexus LX 70 have a sitting capacity of 5 passengers and have 4 door's. Their fuel tank capacity is 24.6 L

In addition, they have an anti-lock system, brake assistant, power steering, power windows, heater etc.

The Price of a new Lexus LX 70 is approximately Ksh.9,588,180 or (USD $86,380). When sold in second hand, the vehicle can even carry 6 million depending on the agreement made between one seller and a vehicle dealer.

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