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Why do Modern Cars have Plastic Engine Covers?

Cars are complex, engineered machines but also very much still consumer goods,as such it needs to be well designed and user-friendly.There has been much negativity about the engine covers but car designers wouldn't fit them if there was not a perceived benefit.And below are few reasons why modern more cars are putting plastic engine covers

1) Protection

The cover keeps dust and debris out of sensitive areas with electronic contacts or delicate wiring and keeps engine fluids from smashing on these components as well.Moreso, they will stop condensation or moisture from the bonnet getting into the spark plugs which can cause misfires.This has increased the cars performance and longevity of vehicles to son degree.

2)Noise reduction

Noise from a well maintained car travelling down the road comes from three main areas; the exhaust pipe, tire/road contact and the engine.By covering the engine, they are able to cancel out the sound of the engine.And this gives a quieter ride to the passenger without adding much to the cost of the vehicle.

3)Reduce heat transfer

The airflow inside the engine bay have been designed with the engine covers in mind.They are engineered to channel air over protected surfaces for maximum cooling.And again the covers will help insulate the engine and keep it warm when the cooling system is shut off saving fuel and slowing faster restarts in between drives.

4 Aesthetic preference

They give a luxurious look.The visual effect, presents an engine bay where the manufactures can even place visible logos.

Lastly the only drawback is that they make repairs and diagnosis more difficult.While this may seem like a drawback to the consumer, the company making the car benefits from making the vehicle harder to fix because then it is more likely for you to go to a service center in their dealership network, which further motivates the sale of their cars.Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Jonemike (via Opera News )


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