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If It's A Toyota Land Cruiser, It Must Be A Diesel.

Source: ShiftGang254

People complete their responsibilities and most people can communicate in the language of cars. Toyota Land Cruisers are designed to be off-road vehicles first and foremost. When purchasing an automobile, consider your needs and intended applications. Each automobile has advantages and disadvantages. Vehicle purchases should not be made based on emotions. Their worst nightmare is fuel use and volatility. Their comfort levels are neither the finest.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel has less horsepower, more torque, and durability with such high maintenance costs. Because diesel burns more slowly than gasoline, which offers calmer rides but poor fuel consumption, the vehicle offers good fuel economy.

Why do I need a vehicle capable of 200 kph when the safest speed on Kenyan roads is 120 to 150 kph?. Comfort and durability are what you get with the 200 series diesel. Turbos and nozzles for the 200-series petrol engines need to be replaced periodically.

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