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Vehicles Evolving But Tyres Are Not? BMW X5 With A Wood Based Tyre Technology

Such a drastic and dramatic evolution has happened to the Automotive industry within a split of a moment that most of us are really curious what's next every day. But this has not been the case with auto wheels and it's indispensable that they have been more or less the same for a long period of time. Is it because it's simply rubber and really nothing much can be done on rubber or something?

They say neccesity is the mother of invention and truly this modifications made on the pneumatic tyres have been a product of neccesity. In a quest for sustainable mobility, Pirelli said that elimination of synthetic based materials from tyre manufacturing should be the order of the day.

The Pirelli tyre is made of rayon and FSC which are certified materials used as elements of strengthening rubber. FSC is a wood based material hence makes the wheel more eco friendly. The aim of the whole technology is to reduce synthetic materials which are speculated to be not eco friendly per se.

Sustainable development has been a focus on literally every sector of the economy with an expedition to economically exploit resources without dangers of near future depletion. This necesity has ofcourse send many CEOs and managers to rise to the occasion and seek alternative equivalents and that's when Pirelli surfaces also.

Advantage of the Pirelli

The vice president said the Pirelli tyre has a low rolling resistance and therefore vehicles that will be fitted with this tyres will be under low fuel consumption as a consequence.

All sizes are yet to be available but the company promises availing the counterparts. as at now the BMW X5 has the advantage of debut.

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