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Cars with the highest resale values in Kenya.

When you want to buy your firts car, you have to consider the resale value. This is because you might need to get rid of it in future in order to upgrade to another car. The resale value also helps one to determine whether a car is reliable or not. This is because cars with high resale values are always very reliable. Below is a list of some cars with the highest resale values in Kenya.

1. Toyota crown.

The Toyota Crown is one of the most luxurious executive sedans that you can buy in Kenya. This car is loved for its reliability, fuel efficiency and optimum performance. Even though this car will not give you the Mercedes comfort, it is very stylish and comfortable. A used Toyota Crown goes for a minimum of 850,000 Kenyan shillings.

2. Toyota Premio.

The Toyota Premio is very famous in Kenya for being very efficient and reliable. Even though most people tend to say that this car is overpriced, there is no car that can be compared to the Toyota Premio in terms of efficiency, reliability and comfort. If you are planning to go for a Toyota Premio then you should plan on spending at least 500,000 on an old model.

3. Toyota vanguard.

The Toyota Vanguard is very popular in Kenya especially among the highschool principals. This is mainly because this car is very reliable, efficient and stylish. It is also good on fuel. You van get a used Toyota Vanguard for as low as 950,000 kenyan shillings.

4. Toyota fielder.

The Toyota Fielder is the most popular station wagon in Kenya. This vehicle is loved for its exceptional fuel economy, reliability and stylish shape. A used Toyota fielder goes for a minimum of 550,000 kenyan shillings.

5. Land Rover Defender.

The landrover Defender is know to be one of the best off-road vehicles all over the world. This vehicle is famous for its rugged look and ability to scale steep slopes easily. A used landrover Defender that is still on good condition goes for a minimum of 1.5 million kenyan shillings.

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