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3 Well Paying Jobs That Are Underrated

1.Car Wash.

A car wash has no low season or high season, during rainy seasons, cars get muddy and dirty thus need to be cleaned, during dry seasons, cars get dusty thus also need to be cleaned.

A starter pack for the cheapest, equipment needed to open a car wash include, water source, scrubbing brush, detergent and the location which you may own individually or you may rent. The best place to locate it is immediately in the outskirts of town where there may be ample, parking space.

On average, washing a small vehicle costs,300-500,large vehicle costs 500-700 and lorry may cost 700 and beyond.

And to make matters better, there's an increment in number of people, purchasing vehicles through loans and cash and it's obvious that no vehicle owner would like to see his vehicle dirty.

Car wash business is definitely a good venture.

2.Fruit vendor

Starter pack for selling fruits require location, which would be better off in town, capital and a stall. Watermelon for example, a vendor will buy it whole @ 300,cut it into portions and sell,on average, the cut pieces will bring 500,thus a profit of 200 on a single melon.

Pineapple may cost 50 wholely on average, once cut into portions and sold, the portions bring in a profit of 30.

Dealing in large numbers of these fruits will thus lead to marvelous and mouth watering profits, bearing in mind that due to health purposes, majority of the population have shifted to eating fruits.

3.Selling boiled eggs.

Starter pack for selling eggs include, egg trolley that also help keep them warm, sauce, salt, wrapper and ingredients such as tomatoes, onions and chilli pepper.

A crate of eggs on average at the egg depot coats 300 for layers eggs and may cost a little higher for local egg which is more nutritious.

Buying enough tomatoes, pepper and onions for a whole day may cost 150, which serve 3 crates of eggs.

A boiled layers egg cost . 20, thus a crate brings home 600,a profit of 300.While a costs 25 thus leading to high profit.

Which other business do you know that pays well but is underrated?

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