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5 Things You Must Do Immediately You Buy That Dream Car

After spending days window shopping in different car show rooms, car yards, dealing with brokers and you finally buy that car of your dreams, the temptation to get going and drive it around is simply overwhelming.

However, as much the seller purported that the car is very clean and well maintained, do not trust them 100 percent, it could just have been a selling gimmick.

Be it a locally used car or recently imported, there are some checks you should run on your new baby to ensure you cuhion yourself from future expensive maintenance problems.

For those who buy imported cars, you might have a false illusion that the car is very new but remember most of these vehicles are already seven or even eight years old so don't make the deadly mistake of assuming everything is okay.

Here are five important services you need to do on that car to ensure that you're good to go. Info courtesy of @GSaruni.

1.Flush and replace all fluids which include;

-Engine Oil

-Transmission fluid

-Radiator fluids (use a radiator flush) and replace with SOFT Water

-Brake fluid

-Power steering fluid


-If Worn or old (tires have a birthday & expiration-6 yrs later)

-Balance your tires

-Align your tires

-Pump them up to the right pressure

3.Clean the car thoroughly

Give the car a proper car wash and waxing if possible. Make sure you clean hard to reach areas, underneath, engine, etc.

If possible have the seats and carpets removed and thoroughly washed. Make sure the roof liner is also given a thorough cleaning.

4. "Break in" the car

"Breaking a car in" is the process of ensuring that all the moving parts, bearings, gears, etc. settle in together & wear out evenly.

During this process, the car is driven a lot more carefully and inputs (acceleration, braking) are soft & applied gradually.

The breaking in period can be between the 1st 500-1000kms. How is it done 1.Gradual acceleration 2.Gradual braking 3.Avoiding high RPMs 4.Avoid towing 5.Avoid high speeds (120kph+).

5.Replace work out parts

Here, ensure that you check;

a)Timing belt - confirm the timing belt has been replaced if odometer is above 100k (Timing chains don't need replacing)

b)Brakes - confirm that the brake pads have good depth

c)Belts - make sure belts are not worn

d)Wipers-if worn

e)Lights & blinkers

Content created and supplied by: MeghanNimmoh (via Opera News )



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