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Details Of The Beast: What Makes It The Safest Car Across The Globe

Experts say safety is the number one priority and safety is not an accident. Therefore, it should be highly regarded and so is the US president's safety. Being guarded by the US secret military unit and under the protection of Air Force One surveillance, of course, with no doubt, The Beast is the safest car in the world.

Featuring a coating of five inches of military armor- a combination of hardened steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramic- the Beast comes with more intriguing goodies. It has an 8-inch door that weighs as much as that of the Boeing 757. Five-inch thick, tinted windows, consisting of five layers of glass and polycarbonate, ensure any perpetrator not only takes a glimpse of the president's sight but also his life.

The chassis of the prestigious car is reinforced by steel to prevent any damage during bombing and guarantee 100% safety for the president. Moreover, the tires are reinforced too with steel to prevent puncturing.

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