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Is it good to use steering wheel?cover?

Many years back,steering wheels were very large in diameter and very thin.In addition they were molded from smooth,shinning plastic which could be very slippery.

Accessory manufacturers stepped up to the plate and made steering wheel covers either from cushioned vinyl or genuine leather.The installation procedure either involved wrapping lace around the cover or stitching it on the wheel to keep it firmly in place.

Today,there's no practical reason to cover a factory steering wheel, except to make it more comfortable,cool or warm to the touch or to cover unsightly wear.

Mordern steering wheels are carefully designed and selected,which of good fit,grip and control.

Aftermarket wheel covers are beautiful but border on being dangerous.Many of them fit so loosely or poorly that the wheel will slip inside the cover.

In some cases, jewelery like rings,bracelets or watches can get caught on the fabric.Almost all of the make the grip of the wheel too large in diameter for a safe and secure grip.

Unfortunately if you live in hot climate, the covers degrade over time and start to crumble or become sticky.The driver either has to put up with that or install an aftermarket cover.

If you think about, the number one reason the steering wheel material degrades is that majority of the vehicle sit in the sun a good portion of there lives.

Best option is to get windshield cover and place it over whenever your car is parked outside.They keep the interior cooler,protecting more than just the steering wheel.

In regards to leather clad steering wheels,you should periodically clean them with a leather cleaner.And follow up with a quality leather treatment.This will ensure the leather does not discolor,harden or crack over time.Thank you.

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