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Why Car Manufacturers Still Produce Cars With Manual Transmissions

With the current development in technology, i am sure that most people might expect that cars with manukau transmissions should not exist. This is because cars with automatic transmissions are easier to driver and most people would probably prefer cars with automatic transmissions.

If this isn't true, then bus and truck manufacturers wouldn't be producing trucks and buses with automatic transmissions.

Even though automatic transmissions are easier and more favourable to most car drivers, car manufacturers such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Ford and ither still strive to produce manual transmission cars. Apart from that, there are some companies that are producing electric cars with manual transmissions.

Even though most expect manual transmissions to be extinct by now, the major reason why the are still in cars is because of customers. There are some drivers who still prefer manual transmissions over automatic transmissions because they enjoy the fun in driving cars with manual transmissions.


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