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Is this Currently the Most Driven Middle Class Vehicle in Kenya?

Prices of vehicles in Kenya seemed to have gone down over time, and this can be ascertained by the rapid rise in number of vehicle owners and traffic. However, there is this car that seems to be the most currently driven in Kenya, that is Mazda Demio (regardless of the exact model or the date of manufacture)

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Mazda Demio, especially goes for about Kshs 500k to 800k in the market and is doubtlessly one of the currently most driven in Kenyan towns. The vehicle is automatic and uses petrol. It is a common brand for taxi operators and young men who have just began their car ownership life. The car also appears to have overtaken Vitz dominance in the middle class and Kenyan taxi business, it seems to have even overtaken the little Uber Suzuki.

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Whenever you visit any road in Nairobi, you'll never miss a count of ten or so Mazda Demio cars on the road. Mazda is a Japanese company, and has of late risen to compete the likes of Toyota with a massive production of motor vehicles. Mazda releases are relatively cheap, a reason why they have paced up in gaining command in sections of Africa's/Kenya's vehicle markets.

Photo Courtesy: Mazda Demio

What are your thoughts, do you think Mazda Demio are currently the most driven middle class car in Kenya? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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