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5 Of The Least Reliable Cars in The Market

While some cars are made and remain dependable for many years, others don’t stay for long and hence have so many mechanical problems costing you a lot of money for maintenance. If you are looking to buy a new car, it’s important to do some research before you buy it.

Here are some of the cars with the highest mechanical problems you should avoid purchasing:

1.Nissan Juke Petrol (2010 – 2019) – Most of the petrol- engine jukes have a fault most commonly with the battery, engine or bodywork. The styling of the Nissan Juke made it look like a marmite car and many people don’t also like its shape.

2.Range Rover Evoque (2019) – The car has both an engine and electric motors. The electrical issues have plagued the Evoque with 30% of the mechanical problems. The SUV is fast enough when engaged in the electric mode and also comfortable to drive.

3.Land Rover Discovery sport (2014) – The Discovery Sport comes worse even the other SUV of its kind. Over 40% cars mechanical problems are related with the air-con, battery and engine electrics. The car is expensive to purchase but have many mechanical problems and expensive to maintain.

4.Volkswagen Polo (2018) – The car is among the most affordable cars for many people. But many people don’t like for its many mechanical problems. The Polo petrol-engine is known to have many faults after a very short time. Also, the air-con, gearbox and clutch are known to have many faults even after being fully repaired.

5.Nissan X-Trail – This is the least most reliable car in the market. The car is known of having many mechanical problems mostly the diesel version. The stalling problem is the main challenge with these cars.

The diesel engine is known to have turbochargers on, which make the car to make whistling noises and there is excessive smoke from the exhaust and loss of engine power, this shows that you will keep on buying new turbochargers for replacement.



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