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List of Cars that are made in Kenya

The motor vehicle industry in the country has been rising over the past few years. This is due to investment from the Private sector and the government. Below are some cars that are manufactured in Kenya.

1. Mobius 3.

The Mobius 3 is an SUV that was recently introduced into the kenyan Market by Mobius Motors. Even though the company claims that this vehicle is made in Kenya, most kenyans tend to disagree with them as the Mobiu 3 is a rebadged Baic BJ40. This car is very stylish and goes for 3 million Kenya shillings.

2. Mobius 2.

Out of all the vehicles manufactured in Kenya, the Mobius 2 is a true definition of what kenyan can produce. The is because this car is very stylish compared to other vehicles that have been designed in Kenya and it is relatively cheap to acquire. The Mobius 2 has an 1800 cc engine and costs 1.3 million kenyan shillings.

3. BJ50.

The BJ50 is a car that is made in Kenya in Laikipia county. This vehicle has received a lot of criticism for its poorly designed shaped with the Sharp edges. It has a 150cc engine and costs 450,000 kenyan shillings.

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