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Meet the First Person To Buy & Own a Car In Kenya

In 1903, at the beginning of British colonial authority, Kenya received its first vehicle.

George Wilson, an Australian road engineer, brought Kenya's first vehicle into existence by using the Mombasa Port to import it from France.

The vehicle was a De Dion Bouton, which was one of the most well-liked vehicles on the planet at the time. Wilson's car rose to fame as an engineering marvel and a status symbol in Kenya and throughout East Africa.

George was one of the civil engineers in charge of creating the Kenyan roadways that ran from Mombasa to Mumias. The vehicle's one-cylinder engine, which had a high maintenance cost, powered the machinery.

The driver sat in the rear body rest, while the passengers were forced to sit in the front seats facing him or her.The car faced many difficulties even as Kenya experienced a technical boom. First of all, despite being a road engineer, George Wilson did not know how to drive his foreign car.

Wilson was fortunate in that the French auto manufacturer had provided him with a manual on how to operate and care for the vehicle.

Wilson also encountered gasoline issues because there were no gas stations at the time and no automobiles in the nation. The engineer was compelled to drive while carrying jerrycans of petrol in the back of his vehicle.

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