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Opinion: Why the Toyota Vanguard Was Discontinued And Replaced With The Toyota Kluger

The Toyota Vanguard has been in existence for a while. Its production journey came to an end in 2013 when Toyota in Japan decided to remove it from the production line. It had been produced alongside vehicles like the Kluger, also known as the Highlander, in various markets around the world.

Photo: 2013 (last produced) Toyota Vanguard

The Vanguard, a vehicle that belonged in the SUV category, had an engine capacity of seven seats and an engine capacity ranging from 2300 to 3400cc with a maximum output of 280ps.

The Vanguard, which offers options between the 5-seater Rav 4 and the 8-seater Kluger, was originally manufactured in 2007 and marketed as a "longer version of the Rav 4."

Picture of the Toyota Kluger/Highlander currently in production.

The 2013 model of the Vanguard, which has gained widespread market acclaim in Kenya, starts at KSH 2.9 million and can cost up to KSH 3.5 million depending on specifications.

One of the automobiles that Toyota canceled in order to focus on one rival for other companies was the Vanguard. It joined a group of automobiles that included the Auris, Allex, Run X, and Raum.

Toyota was able to continue producing SUVs like the Harrier, Kluger, and Rav4 thanks to the Vanguard.

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