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Cars That you Can buy in Kenya for Ksh 300,000 and below

Purchasing a vehicle in Kenya isn't quite so hard as many people think. This is on the grounds that there are numerous vehicles which are modest to procure and keep up with. Today, I will impart to you a rundown of vehicles that you can get for ksh300,000 or less. You ought to know that a large portion of these vehicles are old school and truly solid. Here is my list.

1. Daihatsu Charade.

The act is a supermini vehicle that was delivered by a Japanese producer Daihatsu. You can get the models which were produced from 1977 to 2000 with at least ksh170,000 and a limit of ksh 210,000.

2. Toyota Duet.

This is one more vehicle that was fabricated by Daihatsu however delivered by Toyota. Initially, the Duet was known as the Daihatsu Storia. Despite the fact that the creation of this vehicle halted in 2004, you can in any case get one in Kenya for as low as ksh 95,000. I would advise you to keep away from those with costs lower than ksh 150,000 since they have huge loads of mechanical issues.

3. Toyota Starlet.

The Toyota starlet is a decent vehicle with a torrent of elements. The Starlet reaplced the Toyota Publica however held the "p". A Toyota Starlet produced between 1973 to 1999 goes for at least ksh 150,000 and a limit of ksh 250,000. You should attempt to avoid any Starlet that is under ksh150,000 since it could most likely have loads of mechanical issues.

4. Nissan Sunny.

The Nissan Sunny is one of the most dependable and extreme vehicles you can get. It is a decent agreeable vehicle with great legroom. Despite the fact that the development of these vehicles were halted in 2006, you can in any case get a decent Nissan radiant in prestine condition. A 1966 to a 1994 Nissan bright goes for a normal of 220,000 kenyan shillings.

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