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Toyota Probox Vs Nissan AD van, Which is the best business van ?

For any business person with the desire to own a business van , the question has always been "which car will give me reliability , versatility and peace of mind ?"

The two most common options for anyone going for a business van are the Toyota Probox van and Nissan AD van . Comparing the two is never an option for many, but for those who consider such comparisons here is a detailed review to help you make the right choice .

The Probox comes in two different models with the latest being the 2015 -2016 model. Great improvement has been made on the latter with a wider body a new interior design and improved suspension. This means that the car has more stability and improved appeal .

The Probox body has a length of 4.25 metres and a height of 1.5 metres . The engine size ranges from 1298 - 1495 cc and has a consumption of 13-19km/l .

Photo: Toyota Probox 2015

On the other hand the AD van has a length of 4.4 metres and a height of 1.5 metres . Both have the same width of 1.7 metres. The AD however produces a maximum power of 111 ps compared to the Probox which produces 109ps. The engine size ranges from 1240- 1597cc on the AD van and has a consumption of 13-17km/l.

Outwards the AD van is more appealing with its curves unlike the Probox which has a more boxy shape . The new Probox however has had a facelift which has greatly improved it's appearance making it appealing to a larger audience .

Photo : Nissan AD van

Both cars are perfect as family cars and business cars but with the AD van being larger by a few millimetres and a boot the size of a man can fit more goods compared to the Probox.

Photo : Nissan AD van boot

Interior wise the Probox has its passenger comfort compromised with a back seat that literally feels like a bench while the AD van is a little more comfortable. In addition the lack of power windows and a digital drivers display in the Probox and lack of headrests in both cars might not be a huge diversion for a business oriented car owner but they might be for a versatile business and family man.

photo : Nissan AD van interior

photo: Toyota Probox interior

Some well thought out features in both are the speaker placement on the Probox and the flat floor the AD van has . For anyone choosing between the two , it would all depend on consumer taste.

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