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The Most Fuel Hungry High End Car That You Should Avoid During This Time Of High cost of Fuel

Cars gives us comfort and prestige. However when choosing a particular car to use, it is wise to consider not only its cost but also fuel consumption rate. Fast cars, especially four-wheel drive ones are known to be fuel hungry hence require deep pocket. The cost of fuel has been in constant rise bringing big burden of buying fuel.

Therefore in this article am going to present to you some of the highest fuel consuming cars to avoid especially during this time of high cost of fuel.

To begin with, the most fuel hungry car is known as Bentley Meteor fitted with V12 aero engine of Rolls Royce and consume 117 litres of fuel to cover 100 km. What a large amount! If one travels a lot using this car, the cost of fuel consumption will be equivalent to price of reasonably new car. Meanwhile, Bentley Meteor consumes also 57 litres of engine oil, 6 litres of transmission oil and 64 litres of cooling liquid. Below is its amazing picture.

Other highest fuel consuming cars are;

2.Lamborghini Murcielago (30 litres of fuel to cover 100 Km)

3.Bugatti Veyron (35 litres of fuel to cover 100 Km)

4. Hummer H12 (28 litres per 100 Km)

5.Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (30 litres of fuel to cover 100 Km)

6.Lexus LX570 (14.4 litres per 100 Km)

7.Range Rover (12.8 litres per 100 Km)

Among many others. Having said that, I think we should cut the cost by using other reasonably cars that consumes less fuel. Meanwhile thank you for reading my article.


Content created and supplied by: Orimbatyson (via Opera News )

Bentley Meteor


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