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Why Toyota crown could be the best executive Sedan ever! (see photos)

When we here of executive sedans, all we think of is the Mercedes's, Audi's BMW's etc. Most of these cars am sure comes with great features but the price is much greater.

That is the reason you will find 1st time car buyers will go for the most obvious, commonly driven cars, the small cars simply because owning the better ones is way beyond their budget.

Germany companies are believed to manufacture the best when it comes to cars of class. right?

However, on this article am about to show you something worth your time. There are other companies far from Germany that are capable of making better executive sedans and with very low price. These companies are; Toyota,Mazda,Nissan,Hyundai,Ford etc.

Today i will tell you the most insane of them all that is the Crown from Toyota.

Toyota has the most economical vehicles leave alone sedans. Spare parts are easily available everywhere.

Toyota crown comes in different types; toyota crown athlete, Toyota crown royal salon and the rare majesta. Today we will talk about the athlete and royal salon.


The main difference between the two cars is their exterior designs most the rear look.

Crown royal saloon has the Lexus look and is the most executive .Has a 2500litres engine capacity. The car will cost you around Ksh. 1,800,00


Looking from its front view, it assembles the lexus shape. Both cars has a 2500litres engine capacity. Its price is approximately Ksh. 1,800,000.

From their curvy and long shapes, the crowns has enough V6- engine power. From interior they give the bossy feeling at a very fair price for an office car.

They cost from 1.4m to 2m depending on the year of manufacture.

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