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The Kenyan Made Mobius Car

Mobius is a Kenyan made vehicle of it's own kind with the capability of competing with other African made vehicles, it's factory which is was first Officially launched in 2012 is located in Mombasa which is the second biggest city in Kenya, Mobius Motors limited is the company that makes the cars

The car is made in a way that it perfectly fits the African market for it symbolise the African culture which is one of the most important things in Africa, it's physical appearance looks very attractive which is what makes it to have a high demand in the market not online in Kenya but in Africa at large.

Mobius can carry up to four passengers at a time which makes it to be the best car for family travel purposes, the motor factory has lead to creation of more than 100 jobs to Kenyans directly and other over 150 jobs indirectly hence boosting the county's economy.

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