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All You Need to Know About the Origin of Mercedes Benz Car Models

Mercedes Benz is a premium car that range of Luxury Cars. It has been in existence for over 120 years and has quit rich history. Behind this luxurious model of cars, there is a tragic story of a woman. She wasn’t the founder owner of this company but here is her story.

In the year 1889, Emil Jellinek and His wife chose an elegant and awe-inspiring name for their daughter, ‘Mercedes’, a name which mean, mercy, kindness or pardon in Spanish. Emil was a wealthy man and a car racer and somehow a superstitious man who believed that the name could bring good luck to his family. He was always fascinated by the automobile industry and he ventured in selling cars.

In 1896, he visited the factory of Gottlieb Daimler and had order placed for one of the Daimlers cars. He liked Daimler and decided to be selling their cars and in 1900 he commissioned Daimler to develop and manufacture a new high powered sport car. He took delivery of the car and raced it severally in the French Riviera competition that he won many of the races. He was using the Moniker 'Monsieur Mercedes', which was written visibly on all his cars’ chassis. He became well known in the region for it and this became as his personal alias. Within a year Emil had sold more than 30 Automobiles and this to him was a great achievement. With time, Emil convinced the Daimler Company to manufacture lighter and faster vehicles. He said, “I don’t want a car for today or tomorrow, it will be the car of the day after tomorrow” and the improved models would be called 'Daimlers-Mercedes', as Emil insisted that he wanted the car to be named after his daughter.

The chairman of Daimler Company readily agreed to this name, as they viewed it as a solution to their problem of Daimlers name in France which had been owned by another company. In 1901, Daimler launched a new Mercedes 35 Hp. It was praised for being an elegant design and of engineering breakthrough. When Emil won again in the races, the director of the French automobile stated: “We have entered the Mercedes era” and this message was spread worldwide by many newspapers. Daimler Trademarked Mercedes and began using this name as their brand umbrella for its all vehicles. The logo of Mercedes was adopted in 1909.

Sadly the girl behind the name Mercedes didn’t get that luck for herself because she was just 11 years old. Her family later moved Geneva some years before the world war (I) broke out and her father’s properties in France were forfeited and her father died later in 1918 at the age of 64. Mercedes, Emil’s daughter got married twice. She had a magnificent wedding in 1909, when she got married to a wealthy man.

They had two children and lived in Vienna until they were ruined by the World War I and sometimes she had to beg food from the streets and from her neighbors. He left her husband and her children and got married to a poor sculptor. She played music and had a good voice but she never shared her father’s interest to automobiles. Mercedes passed away in 1929, at the age of 39 and was buried in Vienna next to her grandfather Adolf Jellinek.

In 1926, the Daimler-Mercedes company entered in a merge with Benz Company and traded as Daimler-Benz. They gave the name ‘MERCEDES-BENZ’ to its cars in order to preserve the respected ‘Mercedes’ name and until today, the luxurious car has retained the name and heritage of Mercedes, after the poor woman who has been thus immortalized. Up to this day, the company ‘Mercedes-Benz is the only automotive company in the world that bears a female name according to the car maker.

Content created and supplied by: PaparazziwaMtaa (via Opera News )

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