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Why You Should Pretend To Walk Away When Bargaining For A Car.

If you are yet to purchase a car in Kenya, you should probably take advantage of 2023 and get yourself a ride. This is because most car dealers have a lot of stock and will easily give you discounts to make some fast cash.

When buying a car, you might have a problem with the price. However much you love a car, the price determines whether you own it or not.

When buying a car, you can bargain for its price from a dealer but how you do it determines the deal that you get.

If you want to purchase a car in Kenya from a dealer and get a huge discount, you should try this trick.

Identify the car that you want and try to bargain the price. After you have bargained and the dealer has made his/her final offer, you should walk away. The moment you do this, the car dealer will call you to review his standing. If that happens, you should not be too excited and you should not show too much interest in the car. This is because the dealer will once again lower his price in a bid to convince you into purchasing the car.

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