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"Kenya Watu Wako Na Pesa" Reactions After A Vehicle Worth 45 Million Was Spotted On Kenyan Road

Kenyans online have elicited mixed reactions after seeing an exquisite, classy black vehicle worth KSH 45,000,000 with a unique number plate being driven on a Kenyan road. This photo made Kenyans online say that some people in the country are really blessed that they can afford anything they want.

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Netizens online reacted surprisingly, because in these rough economic times, some people can afford to buy or own such an expensive vehicle. They ended up saying that it's not everyone who's affected by this economy, it's just individual people.

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The vehicle being driven in Nairobi was black in colour with brand new wheels and shiny paint. It showed it was recently bought. It had a unique number plate with the initials JMW. This made Kenyans speculate who it might belong to.

The vehicle is expensive because it has passenger and driver airbags, automatic climate change, fog front lights, alloy wheels, and other unique features. It has luxurious features that any driver would wish for while driving.

Netizens online reacted by saying that everyone is blessed differently and you shouldn't compare yourself with others.

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