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The Recent Toyota Harrier 2022 Design

Toyota Harrier is a Japanese-made sport utility vehicle with five seats. With lines that run continuously from the front to the back of the car, the new Toyota Harrier's front appearance accentuates its angular and bold styling. In order to replace the Toyota Lexus RX, the Toyota Harrier's manufacturing started in 1997. The idea of a luxurious, roomy vehicle with an appealing body structure and style is where the name "Harrier" originates. The new Harrier's unusual lighting draws attention to its singularity and technological innovation and helps it stand out from a distance.

The Toyota Harrier has garnered a great deal of interest because of its excellent performance and durability. The average fuel economy is 12 km/l, which is slightly less than that of other cars in the same class such the Toyota Vanguard and Toyota Lexus.

Check out a few images of the Toyota Harrier 2022 model in Kenya

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Japanese-made Toyota Harrier Toyota Lexus RX


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