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5 Features of TT75 new Hollad 4w drive(photos)

1 High speed gearbox.

Tt new hollad has a high speed whereby it can travel for more than 50 km per hour.The tractor can plough 14 to 16 acre per day.

2 it's fuel tank can hold 88.6 litres.

This helps the drive to work for more hours since when filled with fuel it can work for two days or more full time.

3 Cost of maintenance is low.

Spare parts of the machine are ready available in the market, thiis because the tractor is becoming popular to the market.

4 Cost of the tractor is low compared with others.

A new tractor goes for 2.8m to 3.3m from the company.

5 The tractor can work in for long hours because it has a good cooler system which enable it maintain low temperature.

6 It uses 3 disc plough to plough.

During ploughing the tractor can use 3 disc or 4 disc because it's horses power is 75 cc.

7 Mad resistance during heavy rain seasons.

The tractor can work during the rainy season because it works in full-time 4w drive. This also help the tractor to reduce sliding on slopes areas.

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