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Why Some Tracks Have Extra Wheels That Don't Always Touch The Ground

Those extra wheels that don't always touch the ground in some trucks and trailers are called drop- axles or lift- axles. The lift axle helps to spread the weight of a heavy load that a truck is carrying, sometimes the driver lifts the axle to help save the tyres from wearing out quickly.

The tyres connected to the lift axle stay up until needed for a heavy load. This is what might be called a part- time job. The axle is lifted sometimes automatically, sometimes manually and it also saves fuel when the truck or trailer is not carrying any laguage.

It is a law in some countries to have trucjs with lift- axles due to the nature of goods that the trucks carry. This is to minimise accidents that would have otherwise happened because of the weight issues or overloading. Overloaded trucks cause excessive traffic loading and faster wear and tear of tarmaced roads. Drivers often disregard damage inflicted on these roads by not properly using the lift- axle when loaded

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