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Why The Exhaust Pipe Of Cars Is On The Opposite Side Of The Driver's Seat

Hello guys? Welcome again to today's article as we continue to enlighten ourselves about the things in our environment. Today we will be looking at why exhaust pipes are place on specific places and not anywhere. This is one thing that most people rarely observe.

Depending on the country, a car can be either a right hand drive or a left hand drive. But one thing is common among these two types of cars, the exhaust pipe is on the opposite side of the driver for most of them. Why is that the case? We are about to know the reason.

The driver is the most important occupant in any car. He needs to be comfortable so that all of you on board can be comfortable. Even when he is alone in the car, the driver is still the most important. Exhaust pipes are placed on the opposite side of the driver's seat so that in case of worn out or rusted exhaust the carbon monoxide emitted won't get to the driver and make him idle. Idleness can result to an accident.

Exhaust pipes also produce a lot of heat when the car is moving. The exhaust being on the left opposite side ensures that the driver is not affected by the heat.

Depending on the manufactures of a car the exhaust can be on the driver's side. This is because when you order a car from abroad where cars have the steering wheel on the opposite side to that of your country, they do change it but not for the exhaust.

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