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The Meaning Of 'V' And '8' In The Term V8 Commonly Seen On Land Cruiser Prado Vehicles

Toyota landcruiser Prado is one of the most luxurious cars you will ever see on Kenyan roads. They are majorly operated by Minister, serious business men and even senior government officials. People tend to call them V8's without actually knowing what's the meaning of the letter and the number making it up. The letter 'v' has a meaning as well as the '8' too. Here are their meanings.

The letter 'v' stands for the for the shape of the engine formation. The engine is arranged such that when you view it from a distance, it forms the letter V. The cylinders are arranged in a v-shaped as such a shape can fit in most cars and requires less space to fit it. That's why you'll hear of the V6 too. It has the same shape.

The 8 on the other side stands for the number of cylinders the car is operating on. The cylinders are required to make the car more powerful. The higher the number of cylinders, the smoother the ride and the faster the car. So a v8 car is a vehicle with 8 cylinders arranged forming v8 shape.

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