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The Most overpriced cars in Kenya.

1. Toyota Noah.

The Toyota Noah is one of the best family cars that you can buy in Kenya. This car is very famous in Kenya as it is mostly used in the transport sector. The Toyota Noah is very spacious, stylish and very practical. The only problem with the Toyota Noah is the price. A brand new Toyota Noah will cost about 3.8 million. This is more expensive compared to its competitor such as the Nissan Serena.

2. Toyota Premio.

Toyota Premio is the best sedan that you can buy in Kenya. This car has been in the market since 2001 and is loved for its reliability, efficiency and comfort. If you want to buy a brand new Toyota Premio in Kenya, then you need to think twice. This is because this car costs about 2.1 million kenyan shillings which can easily get you a brand new Mazda CX-5. Instead of going for a Toyota Premio, you can choose to go for a Toyota Allion or a Nissan Slyphy.

3. Toyota fielder.

This is one of the best station wagons that you can buy in Kenya. The hybrid version of the Toyota fielder is very popular in Kenya due to its fuel efficiency of 33km/L. Apart from this, the Toyota fielder is also loved for its reliability, stylish design and overall efficiency. A used Toyota fielder goes for a minimum of 600,000 which seems very high for this vehicle. The best alternative to this car is the Honda airwave or Honda fit shuttle.

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