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Video: Broken Sewer Line in Kangemi Spews Sewage On Vehicles and Highway.

Sewer lines are unnoticed in most parts of the city and to the common citizen the lines are of little empasis. Actually to the common Nairobian, nobody thinks about a sewage line or how the plumbing system runs from the house to the point of disposal.

But when the system breaks down or becomes faulty, attentions is drawn and kenyans keep talking.

In one such unfortunate incident. A sewer line broke and stoped traffic in Kangemi region.

According to a video posted by mpashogram on instagram, the sewage could be seen flying over vehicles on the busy highway and falling off on the other side of the road, Visibly dirtying off the highway.

Mpashogram on its post said, 'broken sewer line at Kangemi spews sewage on vehicles and Highway'

Below are some screenshots of the flying sewage as obtained from the video.

To view the full video as posted, you can click the link below.

Content created and supplied by: MpaulM (via Opera News )

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