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Cars that you can buy with 200,000 shillings in kenya

There are many people in Kenya today who have the urge of buying a car. However, this might only remain a dream to some as they think that cars are very expensive and one needs upto a million to acquire one.

This is not the case as there are very many cheap cars out there that are in good condition and work perfectly. Below is a list of cars that one can get with at least ksh 200,000.

1. Mazda Demio.

This vehicle is very common in most Kenyan roads especially because most people use it as a taxi. The old model Demio can go for as low as 190,000 depending on it's state.

2. VW Beetle.

These vehicles are very famous in Kenya due to their abundance. The old beetle models go for a maximum of 230,000 in the current market and you can get one with as low as ksh 100,000.

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