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Tips On How To Improve Your Car Fuel Efficiency

Mostly when you don't give your car proper maintenance it can burn up 30% more fuel. This leads to an added expense on fuel. Today I have with me some tips to help you save on fuel to make sure you use your car fuel to the very last drop.

1.You should avoid overloading you car

Heavy loading leads to more consumption of fuel,the lighter the load the lower the amount of fuel consumed. Remove the unnecessary load on the vehicle for example roof racks if not needed to reduce the weight,this will lower fuel consumption.

2.Do check your car engine regularly

Regular checking will help avoid damaging of the engine due to any faultiness. Also make sure to replace oxygen, fuel filters and sensors more regularly. This ensure that you engine works efficiently.

3.Avoid driving fast on a low gear

You should ensure that you always drive on the highest gear possible without labouring the engine. This is the best fuel efficient way of driving.

4.Don't idle for more than a minute with your car engine on

Your car will consume fuel when idling,so you should turn it off if you are not driving in order to stop fuel wastage.

5. Check your tire pressure

Always ensure that your car tires are well inflated. This is because poorly inflated tires burn more fuel due to increased resistance.

6. Use the cruise control when necessary for it will help you save up to 6% fuel when you are on the highway.

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