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Photos Of The First Car In Kenya

A self-propelled passenger car, or automobile, typically has four to eight tires and is used for land transportation. It is powered by either an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. Automobile engineering refers to the subfields of engineering that deal with the production and technological aspects of autos.

The modern automobile is an intricate technical system that makes use of subsystems with distinct design purposes. Some of them include hundreds of component pieces and were made possible by advancements in previously unexplored areas of technology or by the development of new technologies like electronic computers, high-strength polymers, and novel alloys of steel and nonferrous metals.

Which was the first Car in kenya?

The first automobile in Kenya was a De Dion Bouton, which was proudly driven by Australian road engineer George Wilson and lowered from a steamship into Mombasa in December 1903.

In 1900, the De Dion Bouton was the best-selling automobile in the world, with 400 cars and 3,200 engines produced. The car was powered by an 8cv single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine that was built in France. By the time of its importation, Kenya hadn't come up with number plates to identify vehicle. George Wilson's car is believed to be one of the factors that prompted the colonial government in Kenya to introduce number plates. Kenyan vehicles were denoted by the letter T followed by digits from 001 to 999.

Kenya, with its hostile terrain and lack of infrastructure provided just the right challenge and it was in this environment that the motor industry developed.

More earth roads were built chiefly between administrative centres notably, Nairobi-Fort Hall (Murang’a), Lumbwa-Kericho, Voi-Taveta and Machakos-Athi River.

To demonstrate the road’s attraction to early motorists is the fact that it took another 23 years, after the arrival of the first car, before a petrol vehicle completed the journey from Mombasa to Nairobi.


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