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Road Accident

Five Reasons Why Cars Burn During Accidents on Kenyan Highways

Over the recent few days and weeks, we have seen a lot of cars ignite on the Kenyan highways and burn to a crisp without the intervention of anyone.

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One case happened a few days ago on The Thika Superhighway when a Mercedes Benz caught fire near the Garden City Mall in Ruaraka.

The Mercedes Benz is one of the most reliable cars that one can have but there was another incident that happened near DOD Headquarters in Nairobi.

So, let us look at the most common causes of car fires on the roads:

Fuel Leakage

This is actually one of the most frequent causes of car fires and therefore, you need to be extra vigilant about this when you have taken your car to the auto repair shop.

Fuel and diesel are highly flammable and become dangerous when exposed. Fuel leaks are especially a great danger.

Even when external factors ignite a fire within the said car, the fire becomes overwhelming as soon fuel interferes.

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Fluid Leakage

Never ignore any fluid Leakage in your car because not only diesel and petrol can cause car fires.

Fluid leakage from your car because you don’t consider it to be the same as fuel. If there is a leak, have it checked, regardless of the type of fluid that it is.

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Engine Overheating

Overheating itself does not cause a car fire but it can cause a chain of reactions that will eventually lead up to the fire itself.

Leave your car to cook off when you sense that there is overheating in the engine compartment.

Electrical Wiring Failure

This is another dangerous and yet overlooked cause of car fires across the country of Kenya and the world over.

When you take your car for repairs, ensure that all the wiring is returned back to its initial places as soon as the mechanic is through with the car.

Beware of loose or cracked wires inside your car and if you notice anything out of place, spare no time in contacting your car technician.

The car can easily catch fire once there is an electrical fault and the presence of fuel leakage.

Car Accidents

In an accident, if a car is badly hit from the side that houses the fuel compartment, this could lead to a leakage and eventually, a spark will set off an inferno.

So, beware of these things if you're the owner of a car and do not wish to see your investment go up in flames.

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